The FULL show!


Colliding queer high fashion, avant-garde drag, and enthralling dance, circus and music, YUMMY will have your tastebuds drooling! Iconic songstress Yana Alana knocks audiences off their feet; Prolific dancer and club superstar Benjamin Hancock transfixes all who watch; Dark MOFO legend James Andrews leaves you howling in your seat; the hilarious and adored Karen From Finance can hold a massive audience with her little finger; the unstoppably sexy Hannie Helsden knows how to serve serious circus with skill and style; the virtuosic Beni Lola brings you Afro-Latino diva pop goodness that will leave you gagging for more; James Welsby (one of the “25 LGBT People to Watch in 2015″ by the Gay News Network) has been reaching audiences across the country with a unique dance style and performance you have to see to believe; and the famous Phil Ferguson crocheted food hats have everyone talking!



Pop up club acts available in the form of spot performances!


Drag Cabaret Taking Over

Our collaboration with Heaps Gay recently resulted in a completely sold out event in Melbourne Music Week at the State Library of Victoria.

Subversive, neo-drag

Born from the alternative drag scene in Melbourne, Yummy looks set to leave its mark on Australian drag history.